Flight on Frail Wings – Petrol, Dope and those sounds of singing wires

The second volume of the Author’s aviation autobiography continues the development of the home-built aircraft movement in Britain. More on the Luton Minor story plus the development of his ‘new’ Luton Major. He charts the story of the re-design of the Minicab two-seater (completed at Sandown, Isle of Wight) and the struggle to gain its UK and Australian certification and tells of his experiences in agricultural aviation crop-spraying with Tiger Moths. Here he designed the equipment and then went and air-tested it himself. He describes flying many types of light aircraft such as the Hirtenberg, the Zaunkoenig, relates a potentially dangerous experience with a Mosquito in Sweden and tells of a devastating crash in a Messerschmitt which broke his collar-bone and caused him added grief when a hospital nurse thought he had injured himself playing Rugby! From stories of piston air-liners to Concorde, this light-hearted story ends with watching the launch of a space-mission rocket. Superbly and comprehensively illustrated with photographs, drawings and the author’s own cartoons. 214 pages, A4 softback, £17.95 plus post and packing.
IDSBN 1 870384 70 9
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